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What is the LED solar street light

What is the LED solar street light

The energy source of LED solar street lights is based on the solar radiation converting solar energy during the day by using solar panels to charge the battery, providing the LED street light with the battery-powered lighting at night, the LED solar street light without complex and expensive pipeline laying is famous for security, clean energy, stable and reliable without manual operation, saving electricity.


 Energy is an important guarantee for social and economic development, and vigorously develop renewable energy is the main way to start to solve the energy crisis. With the improvement of people's living standards, the importance of environmental awareness and sustainable human development and health expanded, there is a dramatically demand for environmentally friendly energy-saving lamps.


LED solar street light advantage

1, LED solar street lights use solar photovoltaic cells to provide electricity, solar energy is a new inexhaustible green energy. Make full use of solar energy resources contribute to ease the tense situation of conventional energy sources.

2, Unlike ordinary street light, LED solar street light with simple and convenient installation and without piles of basic cabling and other projects just need a fixed base so that all the lines and control parts are placed in the lighthouse form a whole.


3, there is a significantly low costs in operation and maintenance of LED solar lights. The whole system are automatically controlled, almost without human intervention, undoubtedly saving tons of maintenance costs.

LED solar street shortcomings

(1) Dispersion: the energy flux density is very low despite the total solar radiation sparing on earth's surface is significantly greatt. On average, near the Tropic of Cancer, the irradiance of the solar radiation is largest at noonin on summer, the average solar on the 1 msquare meters vertical the sun direction received is about 1,000W; which is only about 200W if during the day and night throughout the year,not to mention roughly only half in the wint

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