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About Us

LEDkinglight is a specialist designer and manufacturer providing OEM/ODM and solution service based on buyer's requirements for kinds of LED lighting products with a factory founded in 2012. We are keen to offer a one-stop solution to meet and exceed the most demanding needs of the discerning customers worldwide. Our core competence lies in our people - the experienced and creative R&D team as well as their ability to identifying, developing and utilizing leading edge LED technologies and turning them into the most innovative and reliable products in the most economic way via performance enhancement, product design optimization and cost-effective manufacturing. Taking advantage of our know-how and expertise in packaging SMD LED and high power LED, we are committed to deliver our customers only quality LED lighting products. We take pride in our QA system not only because we control the quality from the very beginning --- we develop and make the heart of LED lights, the light source IC, but also because our rigorous QA team implements consistent quality control standard in all key production processes from IC packaging, to finished led lights inspection. Our goal is to increase the efficiency of our LED lighting products series to incorporate all possible aspects and dimensions .At LEDkinglight, we believe that our holistic and intuitive approach to technology gives the advantage to our discerning customers when compared with worldwide LED lighting vendors.

Quality Control:
LEDKinglight has set up quality control and management system on request of ISO9001:2000. Relevant documents and record are effectively controlled to ensure the operation of quality system. We have most advanced testing equipment of quality and advanced environmental variable detecting instruments. According to the conditions of the products, QC team has set up quality control and maintenance system on the request of ISO9001. In order to satisfy customers, we will report the condition of the operation of quality management and improvement in t

About Us

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